A leading manufacturer of
Investment Casting in China

HURMEL is a leading manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical castings and machined components for global diverse markets.

With a production site of 10,000 square meters, 150+ employees and 3000+ tons capacity per year, we are a foundry which produces investment castings, and offers precise machining, 3D printing, surface treatment, assembling services and casting-related solutions.

We contribute to the development of the global industry by providing high quality castings, machined parts and professional casting engineering solutions to oil, gas & chemical , marine & offshore , food and pharmaceutical , aerospace , energy & power , and automobile industries.

3D printing, casting simulation and ceramic core is our common way to develop new products efficiently. We value technology. Technology enables complicated products to be implemented and achieve lightweight engineering. We use advanced technology to optimize production technology and alleviate labour intensity, trying our best to produce products in line with customer demands. Our efforts gain customer’s favour, and their favour give us the power to move forward.

Furthermore , we are committed to building an environmental protection enterprise – the steel itself recycled, wax reclamation, sand reclamation system and so on.  Also, we are a class A foundry with strict requirement for environmental protectio. All exhaust emissions should be collected in closed room to achieve environmental protection level 3 capture, fresh air and constant temperature, to make sure the sand does not fall to the ground and the gas does not escape.

Building a people-oriented and technology-based innovative focused enterprise which listen to customers , is what we have been insisting on doing.